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By Dan Moren

Applications Folder: AirServer


There are a handful of apps out there that let you extend your Mac’s display onto an iOS device, but sometimes what you really need is a way to project your iOS device’s interface onto a Mac.

Once upon a time, this used to be the only way of getting video screen captures of an iOS device, and a few handy apps sprang up to let you accomplish it by taking advantage of Apple’s AirPlay feature. AirServer is one such app, allowing you to effectively turn your Mac into an AirPlay display. And even though there are plenty of other ways to capture an iOS device’s screen now, AirServer remains a handy tool in my toolbox.

Not infrequently, for example, I find myself wanting to watch a TV show while doing some mindless task on my Mac. But for some of that content, there isn’t always a convenient way, currently, to consume it on my computer; often I have to resort to a website that may or may not work well in my browser, and may or may not support a handy feature like popping out the video player into a separate window.…

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