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By Stephen Hackett

The Hackett File: Hopes for Mac Hardware at WWDC

A dumb X-Files joke
A dumb X-Files joke

WWDC 2017 was a real winner when it came to Mac hardware. The notebooks got refreshed, as did the Retina iMac. Then, of course, was the unveiling of the iMac Pro, in all of its Space Gray, Xeon processing, Vega-powered glory. While it didn’t ship until the end of the year, the announcement put a smile on the faces of Mac enthusiasts everywhere.

With the next-generation Mac Pro a “2019 product,” according to Apple, this year’s keynote probably won’t be as flashy when it comes to new Mac hardware. However, there are still plenty of things Apple could announce in San Jose.

The obvious choice is a redesigned, more robust keyboard for the MacBook and MacBook Pro. The problems of debris and broken keycaps is well covered, so I won’t re-tread them here, but I really think Apple needs to address the issues with these machines.

I don’t expect Apple to break from the “Thunderbolt 3 or Bust” design of these notebooks, but I’d love to see an SD card slot return to the MacBook Pro.…

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