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By Dan Moren

A Thing We Like: BlueAnt Ribbon

BlueAnt Ribbon

I have a odd assortment of headphones. If you’d asked me a few years back how many pairs I would need, I find it hard to imagine I would have said more than two: maybe one nice set for my Mac, and another to carry around for my daily use. And yet, somehow I’ve found myself with four sets that I use regularly for different purposes—most of them now wireless.

The most peculiar of those, however, is both wired and wireless. The BlueAnt Ribbon is a cheap Bluetooth adapter that features a standard 3.5mm headphone jack and turns any pair of wired headphones into Bluetooth headphones. You just pair the adapter with your device, plug in your wired headphones, and voilà: instant Bluetooth headphones.

When I first bought the Ribbon, I tried it with my daily wear Koss PortaPros (the wired version, naturally), but I found it more trouble than using the Lightning-to-minijack adapter that Apple has included with the iPhone 7 and on.…

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