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By Jason Snell

How Does This Laptop Story End?

It’s the spirit of the age. Since the fall of 2016, in fact, the most popular topic in Apple circles seems to be Apple’s line of laptops. People were surprisingly angry with the MacBook Pro updates in 2016, led by skepticism about the Touch Bar and a backlash over the radical, low-travel keyboard inherited from the MacBook.

While Apple did a rapid update of the product line in 2017, the reception didn’t really change. The Touch Bar is a curiosity but doesn’t have as many supporters as you might expect; the keyboard got an update but (personal keyboard preferences aside) there are still plenty of anecdotes about them being unreliable. The plural of anecdote is still not data, however, and every discussion of the possible issues with the keyboards is countered with an opposing anecdote that the thing works just fine and hasn’t broken down once.

My question is, where does this end?…

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