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by Jason Snell & Dan Moren

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By Dan Moren

Applications Folder: Tunnelblick


It may have been well over a decade since I was last employed as a technology professional, but one of the ways I like to keep my hand in is by running my own Linux server, which I host over at Linode. (Full disclosure: Linode does regularly sponsor my podcast Clockwise, but we don’t get any special deals beyond what we offer to all listeners of the show.)

I enjoy the challenge of trying to navigate the arcane command line and install and configure various services that I think might be handy to have access to. One of the first attempts I made was setting up a VPN server, which I installed with the help of one of Linode’s handy guides. But once I got over the hurdle of setting it all up, I ran into an issue closer to home: macOS’s built-in VPN client doesn’t support the server that I’d used, OpenVPN.…

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