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by Jason Snell & Dan Moren

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By Dan Moren

The Back Page: Apple in Education

Here at Apple, we are very proud that we have saved education. We’re giving the tools to teachers and students alike that ensure that, going forward, they will use Apple tools.

We’ve replaced staid, outdated textbooks with deynamic new electronic textbooks. Paper and pencils with iPads and Pencils. Children no longer need to do homework by making chicken scratches in notebooks—now teachers can simply assign them tasks in education-focused apps, whether it be writing an essay, solving a math problem, or mining for Bitcoins. We’re dedicated to helping provide the best way possible for children to learn. For example, we know that some students struggle with keyboard and pointing devices early on, which is why we only offer them separately. At an additional cost. Your fingers were good enough for your ancestors, they’re good enough for you.

We think our newest and best iPad that doesn’t have “Pro” in the name, with its touchscreen display and support for the Apple Pencil but for some reason no Smart Connector for easily attaching a keyboard, is the perfect learning tool for students in classrooms.…

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