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By Jason Snell

Applications Folder: Wunderstation


You know that I’m kind of a weather nerd. I have had a weather station in my backyard since 2004. (Yesterday was the hottest day so far this year!) But you don’t need to have a weather station to get local weather data in a fun way. That’s because most personal weather stations (including mine) upload data to the Weather Underground website, and Weather Underground has built a fun iPad app to let you view that data. And there’s a good chance that someone else is already running a weather station near you.

The iPad app is called Wunderstation and it displays weather station data in a fun way, with lots of customizable tiles showing various sets of weather data. I got the app to view my own station data in a fancier format than the web page generated by my Mac server software, but quickly discovered that it was a great way to keep track of the weather in other locations, too.…

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