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By Stephen Hackett

The Hackett File: The Future of Mail and Calendar

There’s a lot of talk that Apple is altering course when it comes to software development, being more willing to push features back a year if they need more time to ship as complete, polished parts of the operating system.

I’m in favor of this approach. I think a more thoughtful, well-paced Apple development organization will only stand to benefit the company and its users.

There is one part of this that makes me a little sad, though: the Mac’s built-in apps.

Whether it is comparing Calendar to Fantastical or BusyCal, or looking at Mail next to something like Airmail or Spark, an obvious pattern appears.

Apple’s first-party apps, especially on the Mac, are kept rather basic to meet the needs of many. Apple knows power users can go find something more powerful and flexible to better meet their specific needs. That’s why I’m typing this in Byword and not TextEdit, and will paste it into Google Docs running in Chrome when I’m done with it, as opposed to saving a Pages document in iCloud Drive.…

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