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By Jason Snell

Listening to the HomePod

I wasn’t on the list of early reviewers, but I did get one on the day that it came out. And no, you haven’t missed my full review of the HomePod. Once in a while I rush to get a review out because I can be on the first wave, but with the HomePod that wave broke on the shore days before I even got to touch one… and since I missed that opportunity, I’ve decided to take the long view.

Yes, I will be writing about the HomePod on Six Colors, and I did talk about it on Upgrade a few weeks back. But in the meantime, I’ve been doing something a little radical: I’ve been listening to the HomePod. It’s been in various spots in my office and living room. I’ve listened to it while working, cooking, and lazing on the couch. I’ve played it at 100% volume and at 20%.…

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