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By Stephen Hackett

The Hackett File: Living with Multiple Macs

For a long time, I used a notebook as my only computer. Through a string of MacBook Airs and MacBook Pros, I would carry my entire digital life around in my backpack, then dock it at my desk to an external display, keyboard, mouse, hard drives and more.

That changed when I bought my 5K iMac about a year and a half ago, when I built out my studio and office space. I wanted an iMac to have more screen real estate and power for editing, but the biggest upside was that work suddenly had a place. Sitting down at this door I chopped into a desk, in front of a 27-inch Retina display tells my brain It’s time to work.

For the times I need to record podcasts on the road or elect to work from the couch or my favorite coffee shop, I have an Early 2015 13-inch MacBook Pro.…

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