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By Dan Moren

The Back Page: 6 Hardware Features

Much ado has been made of the features that Apple isn’t shipping along with the HomePod. There’s no support for stereo pairing, no multiroom audio, and no AirPlay 2, even though all were touted as major features of the device. But that’s fine—it’s no big deal, really. After all, there are plenty of other features that might come to the HomePod at a later date. As with the Apple Watch, the HomePod is the kind of device that Apple can enhance over time, adding new features and capabilities as they see fit.

But in order to really upgrade what the HomePod can do, eventually Apple is going to have to take the leap and update the HomePod’s hardware.

And that’s great, because I’ve got a few ideas.

Retina display: It’s inevitable. Pretty much every Apple product already has one, so why not the HomePod? How else are you going to see the latest cavalcade of angry tweets from across the room?…

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