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by Jason Snell & Dan Moren

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By Jason Snell

New year, new stuff

I’m not one of those people who does New Year’s resolutions. I do see the change in the calendar as an opportunity for a little bit of reflection, but more in the sense that every once in a while it’s worth stopping and thinking about what you’re doing. It’s a reminder that time is passing and that might be worth some consideration, but in the end it’s arbitrary—the Earth goes around the Sun every 365 days and at some point someone decided that roughly midwinter was the right time to flip the calendar over to a new year. (Yeah, I said midwinter, southern hemisphere people—the person who made that decision was almost certainly someone in the northern hemisphere, don’t you agree?)

Fortunately, the turn of the year is a natural time to reflect because there’s also generally an extended holiday around then. This year I didn’t travel anywhere over the winter break, but in many ways that was better—I was able to work a lighter schedule (my boss, who is me, is a real jerk about giving me time off!)…

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