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By Jason Snell

Applications Folder: Cool Cat Saves the Weather

When I got my home weather station back in 2004, its Mac compatibility came in the form of a PC serial-to-USB adapter and the Davis WeatherLink app, a Java-based app that was years behind the PC version. It worked, more or less, but it was unreliable and had some sort of memory leak—at one point I had to write an AppleScript that would just quit and re-launch the app every few hours. I kept looking for alternatives, most of which were incredibly obscure unix scripts that were not remotely intended to run on the Mac.

Then in 2009 I found WeatherCat by Trixology, which has been my weather station app ever since. As you might expect from such a niche app, its interface is a little… homespun. But it’s got a lot of power and flexibility.


I’ve integrated it with my smart home tech by using its trigger system, which lets you fire off events when specific changes in the weather occur.…

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