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by Jason Snell & Dan Moren

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By Jason Snell

Mr. Brightside

We hung the Christmas lights around the house this weekend, so forgive me, but I’m done with the doom and gloom for a little while. There will always be doom and gloom out there about Apple. Something about Apple, more than maybe any other company, demands it.

(I have theories, oh yes I do. Apple has it in its DNA to do things differently than other companies—and lots of people in the media and financial worlds simply hate companies that don’t behave like other companies. Apple’s legacy of being the “other company” to Microsoft’s dominance of the 90s, and its near-death experience in the late 90s, also contribute to the expectation that Apple’s just a failure that forgot to fail. Look, I started writing about Apple just at the point where it looked like it was about to nose dive into certain death. I have thought about this a lot.)

But no!…

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