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By Dan Moren

The Back Page: The Last Frontier

When you’re dealing with modern ecosystems, there are a ton of different battles being waged. There’s the war for the living room, the war for the pocket, the war for the desktop, even now the war for the wrist. Apple has been a player in all these spaces, making forays everywhere from the office to the car. But there’s one critical battlefield that is still up for grabs, that no company has really and truly committed to actually waging. One might argue the most critical place that modern technology has opened up for us.

That’s right: the bathroom.

First of all, let’s all acknowledge that devices get used in the bathroom. It’s true, we all know it, and there’s no point in arguing about it. Secondly, let’s not get kitschy here. I’m not talking your good old toilet paper roll/iPod dock from the early 2000s.

Apple’s already made some moves to make its devices more bathroom friendly, or did you think that waterproofing the iPhone was just in case we drop it in our lavish swimming pools?…

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