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By Jason Snell

What I Use: The dark side

Sometimes I’m not ready to go to sleep. My wife likes to say that she goes through the motions of reading in bed; it always seems like a good idea, but within a page or two she’s falling asleep. And so, some nights, I am wanting to read more after the lights are off.

So what am I to do? If I’m using a Kindle, it’s not much of a problem. I can crank the lighting on my Kindle Oasis down low and still read with ease, without feeling like I’m disturbing my wife on the other side of the bed. (Oh, how that brings memories of the early days of the Kindle, when this sophisticated electronic book-reading device didn’t come with its own book light, so I’d have to clip a goofy battery-powered light onto the kindle in order to read in the dark. So dumb.)

But then there’s the iPad.…

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