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by Jason Snell & Dan Moren

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By Jason Snell

Seasons of change

It’s late September. For me that means a few things. I’m sitting in my backyard, barefoot, under our big redwood tree, because late September is basically the best weather period in the Bay Area. And it’s also my busiest working period, which is why I’ve got an iPhone 8 in my pocket, an Apple Watch Series 3 on my wrist, and an Apple TV 4K on my TV. And why I’m typing into an iPad running iOS 11.

If June and WWDC is the starting gun for Apple’s product year, September is the single biggest milestone, led by the announcement of new phones and the release of the new operating systems. It’s Christmas come early for people who love Apple products.

One of the things I’m enjoying this September is being able to take my time with my evaluations of the new products, now that the three week crush of writing thousands of words has passed.…

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