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By Dan Moren

By Request: Using the Amazon Echo as an intercom

Reader Eric is an audiologist with a mobility-challenged patient and he was wondering if the Amazon Echo might help his patient and their spouse communicate:

My patient has hearing loss and since they will no longer sleep in the same room, there is a concern about hearing her if she needs him at night. … They bought an Amazon Echo for his wife to use for household control. Turning on lights, tv, etc. I have a hearing aid that is straight bluetooth and can pair to (in theory) any bluetooth capable device.

Do you know of a way to have the Echo send a voice to a bluetooth device? (like a remote speaker, or in this case a hearing aid) Like an intercom?

I was fascinated by this question, so I dusted off my Echo Dot and played around with a couple possible solutions. The answer ended up being “sort of.”…

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