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By Dan Moren

By Request: Family Tech Support Etiquette

Subscriber Brian (hello, Brian!) asks about matters of tech support etiquette when it comes to family.

Now, first up, let’s slap a big old disclaimer on this. All of our families are different, and all of our thresholds are different. A lot of this is going to depend on your own relationships and what you feel comfortable doing, so what follows is just my own opinion and experience.

Honestly, I’m not sure I’ve ever turned down a tech support request from anybody in my family. That’s in large part because a) I love my family and am on generally pretty good terms with all of them and b) I like making sure that things work correctly. Here’s an example.

During my recent vacation, I spent some time at my cousin’s house. Her husband (to whom she has been married for most of my life) is a pretty tech-savvy guy and a fellow nerd, so I was puzzled when I sat down to record an episode of The Rebound and realized that the Internet was incredibly slow: around 1.5Mbps download speeds, which seemed unbelievable for a cable modem connection.…

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