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By Dan Moren

The Back Page: The Next iPhone Will Just Know You

What much the next iPhone use for authentication? A TouchID sensor embedded beneath the display? One on the back of the phone? Might it forego TouchID entirely and use a form of facial recognition? This is among the most pressing discussions about Apple’s hotly anticipated new phone, but none of the rumors have even approached the truth.

The new iPhone will simply know you.

As it stands, you probably spend several hours a day with your phone, which gives it a lot of opportunities to learn about you. You probably carry it around in a pocket or a purse, which helps it recognize your gait. It recognizes the Wi-Fi networks and Bluetooth devices in close proximity to it. Its geolocation features can tell where you are. In the end, your phone knows more about you than probably any other object or person in your entire life.

But your phone knows the real you.…

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