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By Jason Snell

By Request: Storage: The Ugly Truth

Subscriber Brian asks: “Your hard drive schemes? Backups, cold storage, Plex servers?”

Okay, Brian, I guess I’ll give you want you want: A detailed account of my storage approach. Just because I do it doesn’t mean you should be like me!

My iMac has 512 GB of flash storage, with (as of this writing) 131 GB free (44 GB of which is “purgeable” space). I manage this free space by offloading files to the Mac mini that runs as a server about six feet away from me.

That Mac mini is a mid-2011 model attached via Thunderbolt to a Drobo 5D, a five-disk storage device that’s currently got 24 TB of disks inside of it. Because of the way Drobo redundantly stores data, I’ve currently got about 16 TB of storage there, with 10.7 TB in use. A couple of terabytes are devoted to a Time Machine partition, which I back up to from my iMac; the rest is server space where I move huge files (including archived versions of my podcasts) when I’m done working on them on my iMac.…

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