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By Jason Snell

By Request: My last two apps

Subscriber Gary asks: What are the last two iOS apps you bought, why, and did they do what you hoped they did?

Fun question, Gary! Here are the two most recent apps in my Purchased history:

Caseta Wireless

Caséta Wireless, free. Not much of an app, I’ll admit, but a window into a new product I bought recently that I’m excited about: Lutron’s Caseta Wireless line of smart-home accessories, most specifically HomeKit and Alexa compatible light switches.

I’ve been toying with smart light bulbs for a while now, but most of my house is full of regular bulbs of various kinds, and I don’t really want to replace them with Wi-Fi bulbs. What I really want is a light switch smart enough to do what I tell it to do, and control the bulbs already in place. The Caséta Wireless line does that, and the other day I swapped out an existing dimmer switch in my living room for one of these connected switches.…

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