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By Jason Snell

What I Use: Travel prep and tech

Plug Adapters
Plug Adapters

I didn’t leave North America (a few trips to Hawaii notwithstanding) until I was nearly 30. Since then I’ve traveled quite a bit, and this weekend I’m headed to the UK and Ireland to visit friends and once again attend the Úll Conference.

As much as technology makes our lives easier, packing for a trip can be complicated by the technology you want to bring along the way. For this trip I’ll be toting an iPhone, an iPad Pro, a Kindle, a MacBook Air, and a Zoom portable audio recorder. The four devices other than the MacBook Air require some variation of USB to charge them. So I’ll need to bring a MacBook Air power cable and at least two USB chargers, along with four different power cables. (The Kindle and Zoom recorders can both be powered just as easily from my iPad’s USB charging brick as any other, so I tend to bring extra cables and rotate through the charging of the devices as necessary.…

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