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By Dan Moren

By Request: Wearing in its welcome

Dan's Arm and an Apple Watch
Dan’s Arm and an Apple Watch

Member Brent asks, Is @dmoren an Apple Watch wearer at all?

So glad you asked, Brent. Yes! I am a devoted Apple Watch wearer, though as I look down at my wrist right now, I realize I do not have it on. (Some mornings when I wake up early and hang out in my…let’s say casual wear for a while, I don’t put it on until I get totally dressed.)

The Apple Watch has managed to become a significant part of my life over the last couple years. Not that it’s become totally indispensable, because if you asked me to part with that or any of my other devices, it would probably be the first to go. But there are things that it does that nothing else can do—even if those things are largely secondary to my everyday life.

So, let’s run down what I consider the most important features of the Apple Watch in my everyday life.…

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