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By Jason Snell

When iTunes Met Jason

I went to Hawaii with my family a few weeks ago. (In case you missed it, I got to take some underwater pictures with an iPhone for the first time.) We took advantage of a quirk in our local school schedule—our children both had the first week of January off—to vacation right after Christmas week, which is presumably one of the busiest tourism weeks of the year.

This meant that we would be spending New Year’s Eve on Kauai, making us one of the last time zones to celebrate the new year. (Just to give you some idea of what this means, we were frolicking on the beach in the early afternoon when London was celebrating, and eating dinner when the ball dropped in Times Square. GMT -1000 is a funny place to be.)

One of my wife’s and my New Year’s traditions is a viewing of the 1989 romantic-comedy classic, “When Harry Met Sally,” which is largely set during the holidays and ends at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve.…

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