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By Jason Snell

What I Use: Video on demand

A bit earlier I told you my sob story about a bad iTunes decision I made. What I often prefer to do is buy Blu-Ray discs, which are a “bag of hurt”, but can be converted into a much less painful (and more flexible) format. Here’s what I use to make that happen. (For a little more detail, here’s a story I wrote two years ago on the subject.)

USB Blu-Ray Drive. I have a couple of these drives, and they work just fine. You can’t use them to play Blu-Ray discs on the Mac, but that’s not the point—they work and work well, and you can use them to rip your old music CDs if you really want to, too.

MakeMKV. This utility lets you extract video files off of a Blu-Ray disc and save them in the Matroska Video container format. It takes time and uses up space, but it works!…

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