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By Dan Moren

By Request: Photo sharing on the cheap and simple

Subscriber Nolan writes in with a question about photos:

This fall I am getting married and instead of giving all of my information to a “free” website like the knot I decided to make my own site with Squarespace. So far it has been fairly easy but it has led me to another thought — photos.

No, my wife-to-be didn’t let me get away with not having a professional photographer. I’m curious if you have had experience or tried a photo sharing app?

Nolan’s got some specific criteria for the app he’s looking for: private, paid, and with good app support.

I’ve dealt with a problem very much like this before. A few years back, my family had a big reunion to coincide with my uncle and aunt’s fiftieth wedding anniversary. Several of the people there were taking pictures and we wanted an easy way to share all of them—but more than a few of the folks were on the less tech-savvy end of the equation.…

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