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By Dan Moren

What I Use: Back it up

Everybody knows your data is only as safe as your copies of it. Backup is an essential part of not just your data security and integrity, but also your mental well-being—recovering from a catastrophic data loss is a hell of a stressful experience. So while everybody should back up their data in some fashion, and some fashion is definitely better than none, multiple backups aren’t just for the paranoid.

I employ several backup strategies across my devices to minimize the impact of data loss. I would love to say “prevent” data loss, but the truth is that no system is a hundred percent effective at providing that kind of safety net. The best you can do is implement a system with multiple redundancies that cover the most common eventualities and hope for the best.

From a low-level vantage point, there are a number of apps and built-in features that let me rest confident in the security of my individual files.…

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