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By Dan Moren

The Back Page: A new year

As 2016 draws to a close—and I think we can all issue a hearty “thank heavens” that it’s about to disappear in the rearview mirror—it’s time to look forward to the year at hand. A new year with new surprises, a few sea changes, and probably a few disappointments as well. And while every year is a big one for a company as important as Apple, there are a few places that avid watchers of Cupertino will probably be paying special attention to in 2017.

The future of the Mac: If there was one big question mark hanging over Apple at the end of the year, it’s what exactly the next few years of the company’s most venerable product line will look like. Mac desktops didn’t get any updates in 2016, and even the laptop line got only minor changes, with the exception of the new Touch Bar MacBook Pro—which itself brought some definite eyebrow-raising.…

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