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by Jason Snell & Dan Moren

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By Jason Snell

Computers are awesome!

There’s been a lot of existential angst about the Mac lately. Turns out the only thing worse for the mood of Mac users than no new Mac announcements was… the announcement of new Macs. I’m not going to recap the furor and arguments about the details of the new MacBook Pro models (or the lack of updates to other languishing Mac models) in this space—they’re well covered elsewhere, including on Six Colors and every other site and podcast that talks about technology.

Instead, I wanted to back up a couple of steps and, from a perspective where I have a slightly better chance of seeing the forest rather than just the tree trunk we just smashed into, talk about how great today’s computers are. You heard me. In the face of a declining PC market and the ascension of the smartphone as the primary computing device for most of the planet, let me inject you with a shot of enthusiasm about that most boring of technology products: the personal computer.…

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