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By Dan Moren

The Back Page: Top 5 features I want on the iPhone 8

Look, the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are old hat. They’ve been out for a few weeks now, and really, what more is there to say about them? Jet black, blah blah, great camera, blah blah, waterproof, whoop de doo. Great, fine. Time to move on. Let’s talk about what we really want: the iPhone 8. I’ve painstakingly compiled a list of the top five features that I’d like to see on Apple’s next phone, which, as we all know, will be the phone that we deserve—until the iPhone 9 shows up, anyway.

  1. Fireproof: The iPhone 7 is waterproof and that’s great if you go swimming with it, or take it into the shower, or try to skip it off the lake like a flat rock. But there are way more dangerous things out there than water. Lava, for example. If my next iPhone isn’t able to withstand heat up to 500° then Apple has failed.

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