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By Jason Snell

By Request: Apple’s long game in the living room

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Subscriber Joe asked me to write about what Apple’s living-room strategy is these days. Sometimes I think the strategy is to stall and wait to see what happens. I’m not sure any tech company is really making great strides in the living room right now. Sure, there are players—Apple, Amazon, Roku, Google—and they’ve all got different product offerings. But nobody has taken anything resembling an insurmountable lead, and it seems like a whole lot of tech companies are willing to bide their time when it comes to traditional television.

Can you blame them? The traditional television industry feels like it’s crumbling day by day. It seems like a smart strategy to tinker around the edges until a crack opens up that lets you finally make a product that can change the game.

As Dan mentioned in a recent Macworld article, there’s been some talk of the FCC making new regulations that would basically allow any old box to be a cable box.…

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