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By Stephen Hackett

RSS isn’t dead, and here’s the proof


Some may say that in the world of Twitter lists and Facebook Instant Articles, RSS is dead. After Google Reader shut down in 2013, many people believed that it may live only as the underlying technology for subscribing to podcasts. Consuming website content over RSS suddenly seemed very old fashioned.

However here in 2016, the landscape for RSS services and apps is still robust. While Google Reader dominated before it was shuttered, today users have lots of options to mix and match to create their own experiences.

I think that’s great. It means that today, I can read my favorite websites and blogs via RSS just like I have for the last decade: in a dedicated client of my choosing.


The core of the RSS experience is the service, and there are lots of good choices. These seem to be the most popular:

  • Feedly — Free; $5/mo for a professional account with more sharing options and IFTTT support
  • Feedbin – $3/mo

  • Feed Wrangler — $19/year

  • NewsBlur — Free; $24/year for an unlimited number of sites and additional features

The first two options are pretty similar to Google Reader in look and feel.…

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