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By Jason Snell

By Request: Desktop diagram

The Screen

A few weeks back, I tweeted out a picture of my iMac’s screen while I was recording an episode of the Clockwise podcast. What followed was not entirely unexpected—you don’t post a screen shot of your computer interface in front of thousands of Apple nerds without knowing it will be analyzed, Zapruder-like, in moments. I tweeted the image because I thought people would be interested in it, and they were!

Subscriber Unai suggested that “some explanation on every app would be great. Maybe for the 6c magazine.” Sounds like a good idea, so let’s do it!

(I realize the image in this newsletter is tiny; there’s a full resolution one at .)

Google Sheets: I use Google Docs and Google Sheets for most of my collaborative projects, including the magazine you’re reading right now! For Clockwise, we’ve taken a page from the book of Leo Laporte’s TWiT network and built a rundown spreadsheet with tabs for individual episodes.…

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