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By Stephen Hackett

Non-password reasons to use 1Password


1Password is an amazing app for creating and using unique, strong passwords for all of your online accounts. It syncs between the Mac and iOS devices, and takes advantage of things like iOS extensions and Touch ID to help better integrate into other apps and browsers like Safari.

1Password can store many types of records beyond simple user names and passwords. Out of the box, it has templates for all sorts of records:

  • Password
  • Bank Account
  • Database
  • Driver License
  • Email Account
  • Membership
  • Outdoor License
  • Passport
  • Reward Program
  • Server
  • Social Security Number
  • Software License
  • Wireless Router
  • Login
  • Secure Note
  • Credit Card
  • Identity

These templates have fields for applicable information. For example, setting up a new Bank Account record and 1Password will present fields for things like routing and account numbers. If I need my account details for some paperwork, opening 1Password is much faster then looking around my office for the checkbook I never use to copy the numbers off the bottom of the check.…

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