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By Dan Moren

By Request: Upgrade path

Dan's desk
Dan’s desk

Subscriber Nathan writes: How do you decide when to buy new/replacement tech? How do you decide which models/upgrades are worth/not worth paying for?

Ah, the dilemma of every tech nerd: what do you buy and when do you buy it?

Let me start with some caveats: As somone who writes about technology, I buy a lot more gadgets and upgrade more frequently than anybody probably needs to. In the same way that I take a flying leap into the pool of beta software, I generally upgrade my tech frequently because it helps to be able to write about things.

That said, my perspective on this has changed a bit over the years. Before my career in tech writing, it was all about budget and how long I could squeeze use out of my equipment. I had a history of being one of those people who bought Macs about two weeks before the new model came out.…

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