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By Jason Snell

An analysis of Scottish sweets

What puts both W’s in WWDC? Worldwide, that’s what! At one point during WWDC week I had people from Scotland, England, Italy, Australia, and Tennessee (gasp!) in my living room.

Our guests James Thomson (author of PCalc and DragThing) and Saskia Koehler came from Glasgow with sweets for us all, products either brought by request or because they felt they were particularly Scottish. In the interest of worldwide developer relations, I present to you my review of sweets brought to my house from Scotland.

Tunnock's Mallow
Tunnock’s Mallow

Tunnock’s Milk Chocolate Mallow: It reminded me of a Ding Dong, but that’s not it. This is a thin cookie topped with a giant dollop of marshmallow, covered in chocolate. It looks big, but because there’s so much air in marshmallow fluff, it seemed surprisingly light. The cookie on the bottom gives you someplace to put your thumb so that the whole thing doesn’t just collapse.…

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