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By Dan Moren

What I Use: Keeping in touch

So much of technology is about keeping in touch. Take the technological device we probably use the most: our phone. The device that derives from was fundamentally about communication, and now that use has only expanded to other forms of reaching out to other people. So here’s a short look into what I use to stay in touch with people.

First of all, communication is a continuum, and even more so these days. Our conversations range from private one-on-one, to private amongst groups of friends and colleagues, to public with the world at large. And all of those uses ask for different tools.


For private communication, I tend to stick to the standbys. There are a lot of popular chat applications, but Apple’s built-in Messages app on both iOS and OS X remains my primary way to talk directly with friends, colleagues, and even family. (When even my mom has started texting me, it’s time to concede that it’s the new lingua franca.)…

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