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By Jason Snell

Is it June yet?

Last month I wrote this column on an iPad from among the trees and granite monoliths of Yosemite, while this month I’m back at my desk in Mill Valley, typing it right into the 27-inch maw of my iMac. It’s spring here, but in my mind it’s already summer. That’s because this week Apple announced the dates for WWDC, the annual Apple developer conference, this June in San Francisco.

For people who follow Apple closely, every year has a pace to it, and for the past few years, the centerpiece of the year has been WWDC. The reason for that is simple: since the evaporation of Macworld Expo, WWDC is the only event that gathers a critical mass of Apple developers and media in a single place. If you’re going to get together with the people who write apps and record podcasts and the like, in person, this is the place to do it.…

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