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Six Colors

by Jason Snell & Dan Moren

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By Jason Snell

Some podcast and magazine follow-up

One Six Colors member benefit is the Six Colors Secret Subscriber Podcast, a mostly weekly discussion in which Dan and I discuss what we’re working on and the issues of the day. Subscriber Joe referred to it as “like a little writer’s room about technology topics that are percolating,” and that seems about right. If you don’t know the secret feed URL or need help in setting up a subscription, drop us a line at and we’ll help you out.

We don’t do a lot of follow-up on the podcast based on listener feedback, so I thought I’d do some of that here. In a recent episode, Dan and I discussed the Apple/FBI encryption issue a lot, and we got a thoughtful note back from Subscriber Kieran, who wrote a blog post about why Apple is at the center of this controversy.

But more funny was Kieran’s comment about our discussion of typography, about not being a font nerd in a community full of them, and about cheating on term papers by changing the font and size. “As an academic who assigns a lot of papers to students,” he wrote, “the discussion about changing the margins and picking the big fonts to pad out assignments made my eye twitch just a bit! We see you, slackers! Your tricks will fail! No you may not have an extension! Sorry. Perhaps I should make myself a nice cup of tea.”

Speaking of which, last month we received a complaint about our article about tea. We promise we won’t fill every issue of Six Colors Magazine with silly things that aren’t quite about Apple and tech, but we also can’t promise we won’t go off topic from time to time. We hope that subscribers enjoy those occasional digressions that let you know more about who we are as people, but if you aren’t interested, our feelings will not be hurt if you skip right over to the next bit about computers.

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