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By Jason Snell

Some podcast and magazine follow-up

One Six Colors member benefit is the Six Colors Secret Subscriber Podcast, a mostly weekly discussion in which Dan and I discuss what we’re working on and the issues of the day. Subscriber Joe referred to it as “like a little writer’s room about technology topics that are percolating,” and that seems about right. If you don’t know the secret feed URL or need help in setting up a subscription, drop us a line at and we’ll help you out.

We don’t do a lot of follow-up on the podcast based on listener feedback, so I thought I’d do some of that here. In a recent episode, Dan and I discussed the Apple/FBI encryption issue a lot, and we got a thoughtful note back from Subscriber Kieran, who wrote a blog post about why Apple is at the center of this controversy.

But more funny was Kieran’s comment about our discussion of typography, about not being a font nerd in a community full of them, and about cheating on term papers by changing the font and size.…

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