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By Six Colors Staff

What We Use: Tea

By Dan Moren and Jason Snell

Jason's tea drawer
Jason’s tea drawer

Subscriber Diane writes: You’ve both labeled yourselves as tea drinkers. Would you consider including your individual rituals (tea drinkers seem to have rituals) and tea varieties preferred?

Yes, Diane! Tea is a key ingredient in our workflows.

Dan’s Tea Workflow

I drink a lot of tea. Probably too much, really. As readily as any coffee junkie, I start every morning with a cup. Or two. Or, on those really tough days where your eyes just seem to want to close of their own accord, seven.

On most working mornings, I walk down to my local coffee shop and order a cup of loose-leaf English Breakfast. But if I’m at home, it’s all about the tea robot.

Okay, it’s probably not a robot, at least by the strict Siracusean definition. The Breville Tea Maker (a kind gift from Mr. Snell himself) is an electric kettle that also contains a metal basket which can be lowered automatically into the water once it’s boiled, and raised automatically once the tea has been steeped, thus simplifying the entire process.…

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