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By Dan Moren

The Back Page: Depersonal tech

Personal technology: that’s the whole ballgame. As the years have gone by, our devices have gotten increasingly personal. We went from machines the size of a city block, to those that sat on our desk, to those that sat on our laps, to those that fit in our pocket, and now to those that strap on our wrist or we wear on our face.

In some ways it’s fitting that the Apple Watch is the current culmination of personal technology. After all, a century ago, the most complex piece of technology most people could carry with them was a watch, although one composed of intricate cogs and gears instead of silicon. We’ve essentially come full circle.

So now what? If the trend towards ever more personal devices continues, then it seems like the only ground left after wearables are things that we actually integrate into ourselves: contact lenses, implants, nano-technology, and so on.…

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