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By Dan Moren

What I Use: Hawaii edition

Photo credit: K. Benesh.

When in Hawaii, do as the Hawaiians do.

In my case, during my ten-day vacation in the Hawaiian Islands earlier this month, that meant stepping away from technology a bit. But in this day and age, you can’t escape it entirely. While I ended up leaving my MacBook Air at home, I still had plenty of gadgets: I brought along my iPhone 6s, my Apple Watch, my iPad Air 2, and a Bluetooth keyboard, just in case the writing mood struck me.

In the end, it was the iPhone 6s that got the biggest workout, unsurprisingly. From taking many pictures and videos (which prompted me to make a return to Instagram after a long absence), to using Maps to get from place to place in our rental car, to relying heavily on Yelp for being able to find great places to eat, the iPhone was indispensable. (And of course, Dark Sky, for being to avoid oncoming tropical downpours.)…

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