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By Jason Snell

What I Use: iPad Pro with Cellular

For the last few weeks I’ve been using an iPad Pro rather than either my iPad Air 2 or my MacBook Air. It’s been a bit of adaptation, but long after my full review has been written and posted, I still find myself using it and liking it.

In fact—and here I’m going to sound like one of those old razor-commercial testimonials—I liked it so much, I bought one. During the very writing of this newsletter, in fact. I usually opt for a mid-range model for most of the Apple devices I use, but Apple has limited my options with the iPad Pro, and I guess it worked: I bought the 128GB cellular model. (Space Gray, of course. I always go Space Gray. Even my Apple Watch is the “Space Black” Apple Watch Sport.)

I opted for the model with more storage space because, as I’ve written about on Six Colors, I’ve been editing podcasts on the iPad Pro using an app named Ferrite, from the amusingly named Wooji Juice.…

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