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By Dan Moren

The Back Page: Here’s to the crazy ones

When I started out as a professional writer almost a decade ago, one of my goals was to write the back page column for Macworld. The back page was always, to me, the most interesting part of the magazine, since it often contained the sort of idealistic pie-in-the-sky ideas that really sparked my imagination. So I thought it would be nice to honor that tradition with some certifiably crazy ideas of my own.

A lot of people are wondering these days about convergence. When it comes to Apple, the big source of so much hair-pulling focuses on whether OS X and iOS will remain their own separate things or whether Apple will jam these two delicious flavors together into one unholy combination.

Listen to me: Convergence is inevitable. It’s coming. And there’s no reason to fear this future, because it’s going to be amazingly magical. Because we’re not talking about some Frankenstein’s monster hybrid touchscreen Mac here, oh no.…

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