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By Jason Snell

By request: Apple and OS convergence

In every issue of Six Colors Magazine, we’ll take a request from a subscriber. This one comes from Kevin Miller:

“I’d like to hear your take on Tim Cook flat-out denying that they want iOS and OS X to converge. Literally true? Or one of those check-back-in-five-years things?”

There was a time when it seemed clear that iOS and OS X were going to converge. Take Lion in 2011. That release was full of features and design changes that seemed to bring it closer to its mobile counterpart. “Natural scrolling” and auto-hiding scrollbars were introduced, matching the scrolling metaphors across the two platforms. LaunchPad aped the iOS home screen. Auto-save and versioning allowed you to quit apps without saving and keep your files intact—and in fact, the OS itself could shut down apps if it wanted to recapture resources.

Over time, iCal became Calendar and Address Book became Contacts and iChat became Messages, all in the same of harmony.…

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