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By Jason Snell

Guardian Firewall

Guardian Firewall empowers users to take back control of their privacy on their iOS devices. Blatant exfiltration of very precise geolocation coordinates and data trackers recording your every move in native apps, just like they do on websites, are the new normal on iOS. Guardian Firewall not only blocks these attempts to violate your privacy, it also records what is happening on the device and displays the data for you to see in real time.

Combining the power of our VPN with our custom Firewall creates the perfect tool to protect your privacy by encrypting your information and blocking trackers attempting to grab your data.

Dedicated firewall nodes around the world and automatic routing of your traffic ensures that you are always connected to a fast host with minimal impact on your network speeds. While connected, your information is safely encrypted using IKEv2 through our VPN to further thwart attempts to compromise your data in transit. Guardian Firewall is designed as an efficient layer of added security and offers peace of mind to help you control and understand which companies to trust with your data and which to avoid.

Our engineering team purposely designed our Guardian Firewall to be a “set it and forget it” privacy app. There is no configuration required and once you download, simply tap the G to connect.

Download Guardian Firewall from the App Store and receive a free 3 day trial of our service by starting a subscription. If you would like to give it a try with no binding subscription, try the 24 hour Day Pass for only $0.99.

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