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By Jason Snell


SoundSource gives you powerful control over all the audio on your Mac, right from your menu bar:

Per-Application Volume Control

Change the volume of any app relative to others, and play individual apps to different audio devices. Mute your browser, or send music to one set of speakers and everything else to another.

Improve Sound Quality

Use Magic Boost and Volume Overdrive to hear your audio even in loud environments. The built-in equalizer can sweeten the sound, and more advanced users will love the ability to apply Audio Units to any audio.

Fast Device Access

All the settings your Mac’s audio devices are just a click away. Adjust input and output levels, tweak the balance, and even switch sample rates, right from your menu bar.

One More Thing…

If you have a DisplayPort or HDMI device that fails to offer volume adjustment, SoundSource can help there too. It gives those devices a proper volume slider, and the Super Volume Keys feature makes your keyboard volume controls work as well. Neat!

Check out SoundSource today, with a free trial! Rogue Amoeba has extended their April sale - through May 15th, Six Colors readers can save 20% with coupon code SIXSS.

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