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By Jason Snell

Feed sponsor: Previs Pro

Previs Pro is a brand-new iOS app for storyboarding film and video created by a multiple Apple Design Award winning team.

If you make films or create videos, you already know the importance of using storyboards to design that perfect shot. But, unless you’re a trained artist, your storyboards may be nothing more than stick figures and chicken scratches. Hard to experiment, hard to share. If you’d rather create set-ready storyboards with three-dimensional scenes, camera movements, lens and lighting information, then give Previs Pro for your iPhone or iPad a try.

Because you only need your iPhone or iPad, you can create these storyboards anywhere at anytime - even on set and under pressure, a dynamic, updatable and sharable storyboard is the better storyboard.

Use the Augmented Reality feature to set, block and design your shot in real-world locations such as a parks, interiors, or city streets.

Previs Pro has monthly and annual subscriptions — as well as a one time purchase option. If it saves you an hour on set it can easily save you hundreds or thousands of dollars. But see for yourself — try Previs Pro absolutely free for a week by tapping here.

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