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By Jason Snell

Jamf Now

Trying to configure devices without a mobile device management (MDM) solution can take a surprising amount of time and effort. There’s a better way, and it starts with Jamf Now. With Jamf Now, you can remotely configure settings on all of your iPad, iPhone and Mac devices quickly and consistently.

Jamf Now allows you to set up Apple devices in minutes with the apps and settings employees need to be productive, eliminating tedious steps and creating a streamlined experience for users. Having Apple devices enrolled in Jamf Now gives you a digital inventory of your devices and enables you to see the status and details of those devices such as applied email accounts, security settings and deployed apps.

Jamf Now makes keeping devices up to date simple with automatic app updates and allows you to push OS Updates to both iOS and macOS devices. From enforcing passcodes and encryption, to remotely locking or wiping a device, Jamf Now ensures you have the security settings you need so your Apple devices and the information on them is protected. And deploy packages, custom apps and custom configurations with the more advanced features in the Jamf Now Plus plan.

Manage your first three devices for free—forever. Add more starting at just $2/device/month. Create your free account!

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